The Unitarian – June 14, 2016

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Sunday Worship — Lay-Led Summer Service issue

June 19 — Rob Kinslow
My Father’s Hat
Seven years after his father died, Rob continues to learn from his dad. Intentional or not, these lessons impart a larger one: that our most important relationships continue to grow and change, even if those relationships are no longer in the physical world — yet another dimension of the interdependent web. A magician as well as writer, Rob will share three lessons he’s learned from his father in these past few years, using a little magic to illustrate.

Rob Kinslow is a seminarian at Andover Newton Theological School, where he is pursuing an M.Div. By day he is vice president for life sciences at KHJ Brand Activation, a Boston marketing firm. He lives in Arlington with his wife, Janice Zazinski (our church administrator), son, Dan and dog, Daisy.

June 26 — Karsten Küppenbender and Siobhan O’Neill
Marriage as a Spiritual Path
How do we learn about each other and our desires? What about the inseparable nature of love and aggression? What kind of an answer is marriage, and how could it be a spiritual path?

July 3 — Jess Hicks
Mindful Movement, Gentle Yoga
Experience the healing power and embodied wisdom that already exists within you. Jess will give a brief talk on both the history of yoga and more modern scientific findings on what makes yoga such a wonderful practice for people of all ages, ability, and body types. The talk will be short so that we will have time to practice! Wear comfortable clothes and bring a mat and a twin-sized blanket if you have them.

July 10 — Catherine Stalberg and Ken Stalberg
Meet Me at My Garden Bench
Guided Imagery and Live Music

July 17 — Edwin Taylor
Miracles, Myths, and Magical Thinking
The first UU principle is the worth and dignity of every person. We should extend this principle to historical figures as well. For most of history, a charismatic leader could confirm his (occasionally her) uniqueness by performing miracles. To apply our scientific standards to these ancients flattens them and robs them of the richness of character seen by their contemporaries.
Let them be! They owe us nothing; instead, it is our task to understand them in their natural habitats.

July 24 — Alice Trexler and Downing Cless
Air, Earth, Fire, and Water
Hymns, poetry, stories, images, and reflections on these essential elements of our environment.

July 31 — TBA

August 7 — Livia Racz and Lynn Read
Reflections from the 2016 Partner Church trip to Désfalva
Reflections, thoughts, things learned, etc. by some of those who visited Désfalva, our sister congregation in Transylvania, Romania this summer. We’ll have a few photos from the trip and some of the music performed there as well.

August 14 — Eleanor Hobbs
The Heavenly Messengers
How contemplation of what Buddhists call “The Heavenly Messengers” can promote spiritual growth and bring greater awareness and joy into your everyday life. The service will include a short guided meditation, readings and a teaching about the heavenly messengers.

August 21 — Jen Deaderick
All Men Would Be Tyrants
The religious roots of women’s exclusion and participation in the public sphere.

August 28 — Valentin Frank
A Study in the Paraguayan Art of Unwinding

September 4 — Bruce Kozuma
Faking It: Forging a life when you feel like you just may be, occasionally, out of your depth
In my daily work, I often have no idea of what others are talking about as their job is to push the bounds of what is known and possible as fast as possible. As I’ve figured out how to deal with that reality, I thought some of what I’ve learned might also be applicable to other aspects of life and just maybe to others as well.

Reimbursement requests due by June 30

The end of our fiscal year is approaching and in order to complete it, we need to process all requests for reimbursements and other checks by June 30. Please leave your check/reimbursement requests and receipts in Janice Zazinski’s mailbox in the church Conference Room (there are blank reimbursement forms there). Contact her at or 617-484-1054, ext. 201, with questions. Thank you!

Children’s Religious Education: It Takes A Congregation

Summer-time and the living is busy, but that’s no excuse for not holding the importance of your Unitarian Universalist faith close to your heart and weaving it into everything you do during the “care-free” days of summer. Here are some things I am doing that involve my life-long faith formation and journey:

  • Attending continental UU gatherings for ministers, religious educators, and lay people in Columbus, OH. I am serving as a delegate from Aiken, SC where I hold my membership. Downing Cless and Alice Trexler are going as FCB’s delegates; they will make a presentation in September so you can learn about our denominational activities. I am walking in the Service of the Living Tradition on Thursday, June 23rd. You can cheer for me from afar by live-streaming the program starting at 7:30 pm – follow this link: You can watch much of GA this way; so check out more of what is happening.
  • Traveling to Transylvania with a group from FCB to visit our Partner Church, where I will deliver the beautiful wall hanging made of artwork by many of the children in CRE, and sewn together by Dawn Anderson and Yolanda Aliberti with fabrics donated by Sandy Nyack (see pictures, below). Be sure to thank the stitchers! I’ll also take with me a copy of the photograph we took of the children and me with the wall hanging on Flower Communion Sunday. FCB and I will each have a copy of that photo, too, to remember the occasion. The dozen Transylvania Travelers will make a presentation in September, too, so plan to attend that and find out more.
  • Collecting water during my travels to bring to the Ingathering Sunday/Water Communion at the end of the summer. Y’all will want to remember to do this yourselves. Water Communion is September 11.
  • Spending time daily and weekly living out the seven principles of Unitarian Universalism. Every one of us can find a way to do this; as Sufi mystic and poet Rumi wrote, “there are a thousand ways to kneel down and kiss the ground.” Practicing our faith is a life-long journey, you’ve already taken the first steps — all you have to do is carry it on!

Yours in faith and with fond regards,

~ Charlotte Lehmann, Acting Director of Children’s Religious Education


The entire quilt.

Detail of top panel.

Detail of center panel.

Detail of bottom panel.

Children’s Religious Education Program Registration and Information:

  • No CRE until September. Have a happy summer! Don’t forget to collect some water from your summer adventures and bring it with you for multigenerational Ingathering Sunday/Water Communion on September 11th. Regular CRE classes for grades 1-8 begin on 9/25/16, but programming is available for all starting 9/11/16.
  • All children must be registered for the CRE program. You can register over the summer; access the 2016-17 registration form on the Children’s Religious Education page of FCB’s website (
  • Volunteer to teach in CRE! Fill out Background Check and Code of Ethics forms, available on FCB’s website (, and mail or drop off attention CRE Program. The sooner the better; it helps make starting up in September much easier.

Sandy Island Registration is Open!
12th Annual Sandy Island Retreat, September 16-18, 2016

The boathouse at Sandy Island.

The boathouse at Sandy Island.

The Fellowship Committee would like to invite you to join us for the popular First Church Sandy Island Retreat. This is a wonderful opportunity to kick back, relax, and meet new and old friends after a long summer. Sandy Island offers recreational opportunities for people of all interests and ages.
     Information and the registration link are online:
     Questions? Contact Ariane Frank and Martin Plass at

From Intern Minister, Andrea Spencer-Linzie

I’m looking for housing in the area for when I begin my ministerial internship in September.  If you know the real estate market, or someone who does, and could help me understand the areas I should be looking in, I’d appreciate your help. I’m on a tight budget, looking for a studio or 1 bedroom apartment in the $700-800 range, hopefully within 45 minutes of the church. Or, if you know someone who rents apartments, I’d appreciate getting connected to them.
     Contact me at, or my cell: 609-213-8771. Thanks much!

Adult Programs News

The following Adult Program groups will meet over the summer:

  • Meditation — James Hencke; Mondays, 8 – 9 p.m., Library or Parlor
  • Jobseeker Buddy Group — Martin Plass; Tuesdays, 10 – 11:30 a.m., Conference Room
  • Hootenanny/Jam Session — Jon Svetkey;Last Wednesday of each month – July 27, August 31, 7:30 p.m., Parlor

June Programs

Meditation — James Hencke
Mondays, 8 – 9 p.m., Library
In meditation practice, we allow ourselves to dwell in the present moment. We find that by developing our awareness and compassion we can open ourselves, relax into situations, and enjoy our life!

Jobseeker Buddy Group — Martin Plass
Tuesdays, 10 – 11:30 a.m., Library
The Jobseeker Buddy Group is a small support group for people looking for new or better jobs. We provide encouragement, feedback, ideas, resume suggestions, job leads, unemployment assistance, advice and networking opportunities to each other. For a list of jobs that are sought please go to: Contact:

Facing Illness Together — Kathy Lind
Thursday, June 16, 7 p.m., Conference Room
We welcome you to join our ongoing group as we explore ways to live bravely while facing health challenges – either of our own, or of loved ones for whom we act as caregivers. Our group provides a safe place for us to talk about our concerns and our ideas for moving forward. We share strategies for setting goals and living positively with the medical issues in front of us. By nurturing our connections, we comfort and support each other. Through compassionate listening, we help one another understand his or her own challenges.

First Church Book Group Potluck Supper — Karl Klasson and Anne Stuart
Wednesday, June 22, 7 p.m., Upper Hall
The Book Group will be hosting its Fifth Annual Potluck Supper when we will enjoy summer salads and desserts, talk about books, swap books we’ve brought, and plan for the coming year.
     Please feel free to come (and bring a friend), even if you have not participated in the group during the past church year. All are welcome. Please bring a salad, cold entree, or dessert. RSVP to or

Hootenanny/Jam Session — Jon Svetkey and friends
Wednesday, June 22, 7:30 p.m., Parlor
Are you a closet guitar hero with no band? A great shower singer? Then we’ve got just the thing for you: a good old fashioned Hootenanny. Bring along your portable acoustic instrument (i.e., guitar, mandolin, banjo, harmonica, shaker, suitcase, jaw harp, spoons…), your voice or just yourself and — most of all — bring your enthusiasm. And your iPads, iPhones etc. so we can access words to the songs. We’ll have copies of “Rise Up Singing.” All levels encouraged!

Young Adult Programming
Our first group meeting took place and we are planning to send out a survey during the summer.  We are in the process of collecting e-mail addresses of anyone in the 18-35+ age range who might be interested in participating.  If you know of anyone please send name and e-mail information to Lillian Anderson (
     We’ll be gathering again in the fall so stay tuned!

Program & Committee Updates

Refugee Resettlement Training: Thursday, June 23 in the Parish Hall, 7 – 8:30 p.m.
We are pleased to announce a follow up meeting to the Belmont Religious Council’s Annual Meeting to provide an evening of training for those who want to participate in helping resettle refugee families. The training is scheduled for June 23, from 7:00-8:30 in our Parish Hall. This will be a 90-minute training that will provide the following:

  • Introduction to the International Institute of New England
  • Frontline orientation to refugee resettlement
  • Cultural and demographic information on newly-arrived refugee populations
  • Guidance on how to volunteer effectively to support newcomers
  • Opportunity to identify specific partner engagement activities that fit your interest and capacity

After this evening we will begin to prepare for assisting families starting in July; consequently, the training is a very important part to helping prepare for our resettlement efforts. We hope to see you June 23rd! Questions: Sam James:

Belmont UU Alliance Announces Fall Programming
The Belmont UU Alliance (for men and women) announces its exciting fall programming. All of these activities are preceded by lunch and socializing at the church unless otherwise stated. Stay tuned for all the details in future Unitarians and Adult RE listings:

Fall 2016

  • September 21: Concord River Boat Cruise with Lunch
  • October 19: The Tufts Art Gallery with Interactive Guide
  • November16: Documentary: Merchants of Doubt
  • December14: Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain for Artists and Non-Artists
  • Winter/Spring Programming 2017: To Be Announced

A list of all church committees & groups is online. ]

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Church Staff

Senior Minister: Rev. David Bryce — 617-484-1054, ext. 202;
Minister Emeritus: Rev. Dr. Victor Carpenter — 617-676-6186;
Minister of Music Emerita: Rev. Alfa Joy Radford —
Director of Music: Ian Garvie — 617-484-1054, ext. 206;
Organist & Assistant Music Director: Dylan Sauerwald — 617-484-1054, ext. 206;
Acting Director of CRE: Charlotte Lehmann — 617-484-1054, ext. 205;
Director of Youth Programs: Julie Ennis — 617-484-1054, ext. 204;
Adult Programs Advisor: Lillian Anderson — 617-484-1054, ext. 207;
Church Administrator: Janice Zazinski — 617-484-1054, ext. 201;
Membership Coordinator: Jim Staton — 617-484-1054, ext. 207;
Sexton: Luis Carrion — 617-484-1054

Summer office hours, June 20 – September 2:
     Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 9 – 2

The church office will be closed July 4 – 8 and August 22 – 26.

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Parish Board, 2016 – 2017

President: Ana Hammock —
Vice President: Catherine Claypoole —
Treasurer: Penny Schafer —
Clerk: Downing Cless —
Ex-Officio President: Todd Schatzki —


  • Lauren Corning
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  • Peter Guthrie
  • Jackie James
  • Eloise McGaw
  • Sara Oaklander
  • Marion Westgate

Parish Board minutes are available online and are posted on the Lower Hall bulletin board.

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