Children’s Religious Education: It Takes A Congregation

Summer-time and the living is busy, but that’s no excuse for not holding the importance of your Unitarian Universalist faith close to your heart and weaving it into everything you do during the “care-free” days of summer. Here are some things I am doing that involve my life-long faith formation and journey:

  • Attending continental UU gatherings for ministers, religious educators, and lay people in Columbus, OH. I am serving as a delegate from Aiken, SC where I hold my membership. Downing Cless and Alice Trexler are going as FCB’s delegates; they will make a presentation in September so you can learn about our denominational activities. I am walking in the Service of the Living Tradition on Thursday, June 23rd. You can cheer for me from afar by live-streaming the program starting at 7:30 pm – follow this link: You can watch much of GA this way; so check out more of what is happening.
  • Traveling to Transylvania with a group from FCB to visit our Partner Church, where I will deliver the beautiful wall hanging made of artwork by many of the children in CRE, and sewn together by Dawn Anderson and Yolanda Aliberti with fabrics donated by Sandy Nyack (see pictures, below). Be sure to thank the stitchers! I’ll also take with me a copy of the photograph we took of the children and me with the wall hanging on Flower Communion Sunday. FCB and I will each have a copy of that photo, too, to remember the occasion. The dozen Transylvania Travelers will make a presentation in September, too, so plan to attend that and find out more.
  • Collecting water during my travels to bring to the Ingathering Sunday/Water Communion at the end of the summer. Y’all will want to remember to do this yourselves. Water Communion is September 11.
  • Spending time daily and weekly living out the seven principles of Unitarian Universalism. Every one of us can find a way to do this; as Sufi mystic and poet Rumi wrote, “there are a thousand ways to kneel down and kiss the ground.” Practicing our faith is a life-long journey, you’ve already taken the first steps — all you have to do is carry it on!

Yours in faith and with fond regards,

~ Charlotte Lehmann, Acting Director of Children’s Religious Education


The entire quilt.

Detail of top panel.

Detail of center panel.

Detail of bottom panel.

Children’s Religious Education Program Registration and Information:

  • No CRE until September. Have a happy summer! Don’t forget to collect some water from your summer adventures and bring it with you for multigenerational Ingathering Sunday/Water Communion on September 11th. Regular CRE classes for grades 1-8 begin on 9/25/16, but programming is available for all starting 9/11/16.
  • All children must be registered for the CRE program. You can register over the summer; access the 2016-17 registration form on the Children’s Religious Education page of FCB’s website (
  • Volunteer to teach in CRE! Fill out Background Check and Code of Ethics forms, available on FCB’s website (, and mail or drop off attention CRE Program. The sooner the better; it helps make starting up in September much easier.
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