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Attachment-1In 1977 the late Harrison Radford, Alfa’s husband, built the beautiful harpsichord that sits in the Sanctuary. He gave it to the church, and it has been the source of much beautiful music ever since.
     This spring the Music Committee has elected to have the instrument professionally refurbished. This will include replacing the strings, re-voicing all of the plectra, and replacing old and worn leather and felt throughout the instrument.
     Upon evaluation of the instrument, the keyboard technician wrote “This instrument was very finely made, and with a complete restoration, has the potential to be a first rate, concert quality instrument. The case, soundboard, wrestplank, bridges, nuts, keyboards, registers and jacks were assembled and installed cleanly and properly…”
     He also found the inscription in the photo (right) written inside the instrument. My heartfelt thanks to Mr. Radford, who gifted the church with such a wonderful instrument!

~ Ian Garvie, Director of Music

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