Children’s Religious Education: It Takes a Congregation

There are certain experiences that appear on the “bucket lists” on many Unitarian Universalists. Some are ones that our religious education programs try to arrange for children and youth to have as part of their faith formation. Living in the Boston-metro area, it is pretty easy to incorporate visits to historic houses of worship, such as King’s Chapel and the Arlington Street Church, as well as other places of special historic interest to Unitarian Universalists, such as the Ralph Waldo Emerson home in Concord, Mass. (where I went on a tour recently) or Beacon Hill, where the UUA was headquartered for more than a century. Not long ago, a group of FCBers went to visit the new headquarters, a LEED certified building renovation in downtown Boston’s Innovation District. It’s worth stopping in sometime if you are downtown sightseeing during a weekday this summer. You can check out the interactive history displays and shop in the UU bookstore for books or bling.
     Other must-do’s on any serious UU bucket-list certainly include attending UUA district, regional or national assemblies, at least once in your life, especially as a delegate. I’ve mentioned this before. General Assembly is held in a different location in the U.S. each year; so it can be expensive to go, but in my opinion it is worth doing at least once. You can check it out on-line this year and see how exciting it can be to be among several thousand UUs. I’ll be walking across the stage during the Service of the Living Tradition on Thursday, June 23rd; this service recognizes milestones in the ministry of UU clergy.
     On my personal bucket-list has been a pilgrimage to Transylvania to see and experience something of our Transylvanian Unitarian roots. I am very excited to be a part of the group of FCB members, staff and friends who are making such a pilgrimage to visit our partner church in Transylvania early this summer. We will be meeting people, visiting locations important in Unitarian history, and doing some service work with and for our partner church. Gifts for our many hosts is an important part of this experience; I plan to do some shopping at General Assembly for the gifts that I personally give. I will also be carrying a gift to our partner church from the children of First Church in Belmont, which they will be working on this month. Thanks to volunteer quilters: Yolanda Aliberti, Dawn Anderson, and Sandy Nayak, I will be able to present a wall hanging with artwork created by our first through fourth graders. You’ll be able to see the completed project during our Flower Communion services on June 12th.
     However, I hope you will come Saturday, May 14th at 7 pm to see the 2014 documentary film “Beneath the Surface” in the Parish Hall and learn more about our Unitarian roots in Transylvania. Bring your whole family! Ticket sales provide funds for this year’s FCB trip.
     ~ Charlotte Lehmann

There are always volunteer opportunities in CRE for ALL at FCB; before the end of this church year, please consider:

  • Sign up to teach in any of the CRE classes on Sunday mornings: You will need to have recent background check (done by FCB in the last 2 years) or submit a new one using the form on-line:
  • Lead the Chalice Lighting during the worship service one Sunday. Click to sign-up: You will receive an e-mail reminder.
  • Assist our Childcare Provider, Denise Azar, in the Nursery at 9 and 11 a.m. each Sunday. You can easily sign-up here: com/sundaynursery. You will receive an e-mail reminder.

Children’s Religious Education Program Registration and Information:
If you haven’t registered your children for CRE, please do so ASAP using the registration link found on the Children’s Religious Education page of the FCB website ( which allows you to register children from birth through 12th grade. All children must be registered for CRE.

~ Charlotte Lehmann, Acting Director of Children’s Religious Education
Office hours: Tues-Weds, 10am-6pm. E-mail:

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