Children’s Religious Education: It Takes a Congregation

Endings. Beginnings. Next steps. These are what I am thinking about right now. They are often all mixed up together. Spring is here and new life is bursting forth. Yet we sense and are getting ready to wrap up the end of the church year, the budget is being finalized, the annual meeting is three weeks away; it won’t be long before the Flower Communion and the annual picnic. Next fall there will be new staff members.
     A case in point is the leadership of the CRE program. My time here is drawing to a close, only two months to go now. The Search Committee is actively working towards identifying the person who will fill the role of Director for CRE. When my tenure ends, a new person will begin working to ensure that FCB continues to have an excellent program for its children on Sunday mornings and at other times as well. This person may have different ideas about how that excellence is achieved; so there will be next steps underway to reach those goals. There will be questions to ponder and solutions to try out. The new director will likely have a different style from mine. Get to know each other before making judgments. Be open to trying new ways of doing religious education.
     On a personal note, even before the church year and my position come to a close, I am working to put together my ministerial record, a search packet that shows more about me as a minister, and check out what possibilities exist for ministry positions. Truly, the end of my preparations for preliminary fellowship in the UUA brings lots of new beginnings in my life.
     It is always a journey that we are on. Endings roll into beginnings. We must always be ready to take the next step.
     ~ Charlotte Lehmann

There are always volunteer opportunities in CRE for ALL at FCB; before the end of this church year, please consider:

  • Sign up to teach in any of the CRE classes on Sunday mornings: You will need to have recent background check (done by FCB in the last 2 years) or submit a new one using the form on-line:
  • Lead the Chalice Lighting during the worship service one Sunday. Click to sign-up: You will receive an e-mail reminder.
  • Assist our Childcare Provider, Denise Azar, in the Nursery at 9 and 11 a.m. each Sunday. You can easily sign-up here: com/sundaynursery. You will receive an e-mail reminder.

Children’s Religious Education Program Registration and Information:
If you haven’t registered your children for CRE, please do so ASAP using the registration link found on the Children’s Religious Education page of the FCB website ( which allows you to register children from birth through 12th grade. All children must be registered for CRE.

~ Charlotte Lehmann, Acting Director of Children’s Religious Education
Office hours: Tues-Weds, 10am-6pm. E-mail:

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