“Beneath the Surface” – Film Fundraiser on Saturday, May 14 at 7pm in the Parish Hall

The Partner Church Committee presents “Beneath the Surface”, a feature-length
documentary film.  Members of First Church will travel to Bözödújfalu this summer, as part of our visit to partners in Désfalva, Transylvania. The film will help raise funds for the trip. Tickets are $10 each and there will be desserts and popcorn for sale.
Please join us for the movie and fellowship with our travelers afterward.

A beautiful lake now covers the drowned village of Bözödújfalu in Transylvania where members of three ethnicities and five religions used to coexist peacefully. The village was destroyed by a dam built by the Ceaușescu regime just before the 1989 downfall of Ceaușescu and the Iron Curtain.

Twenty-five years later, now dispersed across different countries and social classes, former inhabitants of Bözödújfalu meet, as they have every summer, on the lakeshore to remember their heritage and pass on their traditions to younger generations. Among those featured in the film are the minister of Concord’s partner church, Rev. József Szombatfalvi, and his brother István, a beekeeper.

This 90-minute documentary is a meditation on history, families, traditional values and loss. Directed and beautifully filmed by Alex Debreczeni, Beneath the Surface was nominated for the Ensor Award for Best Belgian Documentary in 2014.


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