Children’s Religious Education: It Takes a Congregation

The presidential primary season always leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth due to the rancorous debates and the negative/attack ads, but this year is the worst one I can remember in my adult life. The rallies filled with histrionics and slurs raise feelings in me of great concern for our society. As some dear friends of mine always used to say, “I love our country, but fear our government.” I’ll admit that I am more afraid of possible future leadership of our country now than I have ever been.
     Fear is a teacher. It can be a debilitating one, if we have been traumatized. As a first response, freeze, fight or flight ensures our initial safety. However, when fear only results in these responses, we are not effecting a change in our environment that will lead to growth and harmony.
     I learned early in my life to listen carefully when anxiety or fear arose in response to some situation I found myself in. What is the reason for my fear? What is this fear telling me? Is there something I need to watch out for? Do I proceed with caution but also with courage? Am I afraid to be different? Am I afraid to do something new? Am I afraid of being vulnerable?
     Years ago a friend of mine shared a story with me about a seminary classmate who was going for an important interview as a ministerial candidate. This woman lived with a psychological challenge and as she prepared for the interview, she struggled whether to tell the search committee about her diagnosis. One day, as she walked along a busy, Manhattan street, worrying on this question, she heard a voice — the voice of God — and it said this, “Go where the fear is.”
     That message has stuck with me. Go where the fear is. To me, this means not that we risk our physical and emotional safety, but that we risk being vulnerable with our fellow human beings. We risk connecting with each other. We risk communing with each other. We risk being our whole, authentic selves. We risk touching the lives of those near or far through compassion and caring.
     In so doing, we restore each other to humanity.
     May you hear the deeper message in your fears and go where it leads you.

     ~ Charlotte

Mark Your Calendars – Family Friendly Fun

  • Beyond Shelter annual “picnic” on 3/26 – FMI: please contact CRE or Patricia Garcia. This is Easter weekend.

CRE Volunteer Opportunities for All at FCB

  • Sign up to teach in any of the CRE classes on Sunday mornings: You will need to have recent background check (done by FCB in the last 2 years) or submit a new one using the form on-line:
  • Would your family like to lead the Chalice Lighting during the worship service one Sunday this year? CRE is coordinating this effort to involve families in this element of the worship service on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month. Click to sign-up: You will receive an e-mail reminder.
  • Non-parent teacher-volunteers are needed to assist our Childcare Provider, Denise Azar, in the Nursery at 9 and 11 am each Sunday. You can easily sign-up for this volunteer opportunity here: You will receive an e-mail reminder.

Children’s Religious Education Program Registration and Information:
If you haven’t registered your children for CRE, please do so ASAP using the registration link found on the Children’s Religious Education page of the FCB website ( which allows you to register children from birth through 12thgrade. All children must be registered for CRE.

~ Charlotte Lehmann, Acting Director of Children’s Religious Education
Office hours: Tues-Weds, 10am-6pm. E-mail:

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