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From The Unitarian – November 17, 2015

Second Friday Coffeehouse, Nov. 20

Emily Vick Agnew

Emily Vick Agnew

Please mark your calendars for November 20 when Emily Vick Agnew (main act, pictured) and Jim Hall (opener) will perform at the Second Friday Coffeehouse. The featured beneficiary is Izotalillo, a village in El Salvador.

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee Team Monthly Note —

November 22 is Guest at Your Table (GAYT) Sunday. This annual UUSC fund-raising program for human rights applies to all at First Church, and this year’s theme highlights refugees and displaced people. RE students will be distributing GAYT boxes at the services that day. Please take the boxes home, and contribute to them regularly in the weeks afterwards. There will be instructions for submitting the proceeds, or you may donate on through the GAYT. Stories of Hope booklets and other materials provide information for discussion and education.

Why Contribute to GAYT:
  • This 503(c ) organization raises millions of dollars for human rights work throughout the world.
  • UUSC has the highest rating from Charity Navigator so your dollars are in good hands.
  • All GAYT gifts earn a UUSC membership, so if you haven’t had a chance to renew or begin one, you’re in luck.
  • You can help our congregation be in the top 75% of fundraisers or reach 75% or more participation so that we can be included in the UUSC time capsule for 2040 — the 100th UUSC anniversary.
  • By contributing to GAYT, you honor the special relationship of our church to UUSC as its first home.

~ Alice Trexler for the UUSC Team

Welcoming ushers are needed!

As we adjust to New England day light savings time, ushers are needed to welcome our church community to the winter Sunday services and to light the way into the holidays. The Membership committee is enlisting ushers for the 9:00 and 11:00 Sunday services from December 1st through mid-March as well as the Christmas Eve Services. Here’s your chance to volunteer for a high profile, low time commitment role. Sign up during coffee hour and we will soon have an on-line sign option up and available as well. Don’t delay. Sign up to usher today!

In the spirit of the season, please join in the Holiday Gift Program

First Church’s holiday gift program kicks off this Sunday, November 22, when you can pick up gift giving information during coffee hour after both services. The program benefits children and adults at four different organizations:

  • Heading Home — serving homeless adults through housing and support services that lead to self-sufficiency
  • Bristol Lodge — serving homeless adults in various sites
  • Mary’s House — serving homeless families with children
  • The Grow Clinic — serving failure to thrive kids and their families at Boston Medical Center.

     Gift-giving information will also be available on Sunday, November 29 and December 6, with the gifts due on Sunday, December 13. Don’t miss this chance to involve your kids in giving to other kids!

     For more information, contact Joan Stoddard at 617-484-5778 or or Sherry Mulloy at We look forward to your participation and seeing those gifts piled high! Happy Holidays!

Holiday Gift Fair — Sunday, December 6, 10 am – 1:30 p.m., Parish Hall

Each year, the First Church in Belmont runs a Holiday Gift Fair sponsored by the Social Action Committee.

We invite non-profit organizations to sell items individuals to sell items for the benefit of non-profit organizations. In previous years we have had representatives promoting and fundraising for a variety of non profits such as: Circle of Women, The Food Project, Amnesty International, Haiti Project, Himalayan Healthcare and many more.

Come to the Holiday Gift Fair, where your money works twice, you purchase a unique holiday present as your money goes towards a worthy cause!

Caring Connection

The Caring Connection provides support to members of our community who need short-term help. Please let us know if you or someone you know would benefit from our support. Contact Laurie Graham at or Janice at the Church, 617-484-1054, ext. 201.

Lay Pastoral Care Team

The Lay Pastoral Care Team works with and supports the senior minister in reaching out to members and friends of The First Church who are adjusting to change, loss, illness or death. We share in moments of celebration and happiness. We reach out to those who are unable to get out and who would like a visit. Please contact us through the Web site or the church office if we might be of help or comfort.

Grow Clinic!

Calling all BIG BOX STORE SHOPPERS! Help us fill the GROW CLINIC baskets by Buying One More in Bulk when you shop.

     Please pick up a shopping list or bring a Special Request. November and December is “Start the day Strong!”

  • infant rice cereal
  • cold and hot non-sugared cerealsalt
  • Flintstone chewable vitamins
  • Polyvisol with Iron liquid vitamins

There are collection baskets in the Lower Hall and the vestibule outside the Sanctuary.

Food: One of the Most Important Medicines

The U.U. Urban Ministry’s Kitchen Project

This is a critical time when we can make a difference in the future of the Urban Ministry. The Kitchen Project (part of the Capital Campaign) will renovate the dishwashing side of the kitchen which now serves so many, and has great potential to provide so much more. A new commercial dishwashing station will accommodate the use of china, glass, and stainless dishware instead of throw-aways (cheaper and better for the environment), large pots (serve greater numbers), and will sanitize larger amounts of dishes rapidly (keep everyone healthy). Changes in the wall configuration will enable serving larger groups in more varied ways.

     So many good reasons to complete this project as soon as possible….

     In the next month, please consider making an additional gift to the Urban Ministry to make the Kitchen Project happen!” One FCB donor has offered to match gifts up to $10,000.

UUUM Special Projects

Please donate your unwanted jeans (in any condition) for a fundraiser for the Urban Ministry’s table at the Holiday Fair. Give to Nancy Davis or leave on the shelf in the Parlor coat closet. Thanks!

Connect with UU actions, events & resources

We are hiring!

The First Church is looking for a Nursery Assistant. Details online here:Help-Wanted-newspaper-headline

Connect with UU actions, events & resources

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