Join us for Gospel Sunday – October 4

Dear Friends —

Music that is used for worship takes many forms. From intimate and personal, to sublime, to tearful, to raucous, and everything in between. I hope you will join us on Sunday, October 4th, as the music at First Church takes a turn for the dramatic! Continuing an exciting annual tradition, we welcome a gospel band led by Berklee College of Music President Roger Brown on drums, along with Richard Curzi on piano, Evan Baughman on vocals, Danny Morris on bass guitar, and Jim Wooster on guitar.

They will be joined by the Nova Choir at 9 a.m. and the Senior Choir at 11 a.m. for some truly soulful singing. Combining words of Christian praise with the rhythms and harmonies of jazz and blues, gospel music remains perhaps one of the most invigorating and energetic styles of worship music. Prepare to be inspired and uplifted!

~Ian Garvie, Director of Music
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