Highlights from 2014-15 columns: 4-23-15

Social Justice Pillar Focus on the Environment

At FCB this year, a congregation-wide theme focusing on the environment flew under the radar, but the CRE theme during April focused on it. The environment is one of the four pillars of FCB’s Social Action Committee (SAC), and this spring’s social justice curriculum tied into these four pillars: human rights, poverty, environment, and peace.

The children began the month, appropriately enough on Easter Sunday, considering our seventh UU principle: “Respect for the interconnected web of all existence of which we are a part.” Or in the words of the children’s versions, “We believe in caring for the planet earth, the home we share with all living things.” The three R’s – reduce, re-use, and recycle – were explored the following week in each of the CRE classes and these environmentally sustainable actions were built upon by guest presenters, Alice Trexler and Downing Cless on April 20th. Alice and Downing represented the education group of the new-this-year FCB Green Committee. They took the kids on an exploratory tour to a small selection of places in the church building and grounds to talk about what FCB is already doing, and what more FCB could be doing, to be “greener.” The kids had some really good ideas that will be passed along to the whole FCB Green Committee, including relying on outside daylight more.

Using recycled container for starting seeds, the kids will bring the month full circle, bringing some beauty into their environment. Any bedrangled sparrows in Belmont and surrounding towns just may find a sunflower to flutter around like butterflies, as the little sunflower in my Easter Sunday Story for All Ages dreamed they would.

…As we care for our planet earth, the perfect globe on which we live, we will live up to our human potential for goodness like the man who climbed down into the well again to bring water to a thirsty dog.

Posted in Charlotte