Highlights from 2014-15 columns: 12-4-2014

In the over-scheduled fullness of December and the winter holidays, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that for the Earth and its living creatures this is really the season when rest occurs. Winter is when we draw inwards, an internal time for subtle changes. It is a time when dreams teach us. Restoration of our vitality is needed to prepare us for spring germination, rapid and energetic growth towards the fullness of summer. We human beings with our incredible intellect resist the down time and the darkness out of fear and stubbornness, wanting it always to be light and warm. However, by the time New Year’s Day rolls in, most of us are exhausted from running on fumes.

Even if you do wait until you’ve ushered in 2015, I invite you to approach winter differently this year, make friends with your fears, meet the shadow with joy, embrace the darkness and get cozy with it. Make meals together, gather around the table and speak aloud your gratitude, share stories by the hearth or a lighted chalice. It is a blessing to see the sun set and anticipate the sunrise of a new day, a new season, a new year. Enjoy the magic of this month, this season.

Posted in Charlotte