Highlights from 2014-15 columns: 1-15-2015

I delight in hearing that a story, an idea, or a reflection has found a place of resonance in the hearts and minds of others. The other week, one of our members stopped me in the hallway to thank me for the spiritual practice of putting pocket change into a collection container during the annual Guest-At-Your-Table (GAYT) program. He told me that he really liked this practice, and affirmed that he would be continuing it with other worthy causes as recipients. If, like me, you haven’t already sent in your GAYT donation, please do that by the end of January. Then consider continuing this spiritual practice, individually or as a family.

Our CRE program aims to teach skills and instill values, to help our young ones learn to be good human beings. To begin forming spiritually mature people. In the classrooms, they hear ideas and listen to stories, they engage in fun activities and express themselves creatively. In the sanctuary, during Sunday services, they experience communal worship and ritual, they hear poetry, music, and song. They are part of our faith tradition, our religious and spiritual family. The more we can include the children in the activities and life of this congregation, the stronger will be the meaningful place it has in their lives. Belonging to this community is a valuable and enriching experience that will influence their lives long beyond the days of childhood.

This month, families have visited that have heard about FCB from people who love this congregation. I encourage you to share with your neighbors, friends and colleagues what this worshipping community means to you. Share the love.

Posted in Charlotte