Summer 2015 Worship Services

All services will be held at 9:30 am in the Parish Hall.

Childcare will be provided.

June 21 — Jacqueline and Sam James

Our Summer Journeys; Reflecting on our spiritual values

Taking up the challenge posed by our minister to take the relaxing warmth of summer to reflect on our religious and spiritual values and what they mean for how we wish to live our lives–what to keep and what to change.

June 28 — Clifford Backman

The History of Forgiveness

“Forgive and forget,” goes the old saying. But is that really possible? And could it be that it’s not even desirable? As usual, history teaches us some surprising lessons.

July 5 — Rev. Lisa Stewart

The Real Work of Mission Work

After years of performing mission work both in this country and abroad, I’ve discovered that all mission work can be summed up with one phrase: The Hokey Pokey.

July 12 — Dorothy Stoneman

The Power of Love and Opportunity for Overcoming the Odds

YouthBuild graduates, born into dire poverty through no fault of their own, will share the inspiration of what forces enabled them to transform their lives and become community leaders.

July 19 — Sheila Cavanaugh

Who is our neighbor? The Parable of the Good Samaritan

The parable of the Good Samaritan offers us a vision of life. It teaches us that enemies can prove to be neighbors, that compassion has no boundaries, and that judging people on the basis of religion or ethnicity will leave us dying in a ditch.

July 26 — Julius Frank

Nuances of Empathy

Empathy is often seen as one of the most important qualities of mankind, and yet empathy seems remarkably rare in our modern society. This service will be a discussion and an exploration on where and why empathy breaks down and ultimately what causes us to hate.

August 2 — Jen Deaderick

A Room to Swear In

The human ability to organize and classify is one of greatest strengths. It is the basis for the greatest achievements of civilization: art, language, science, cuisine. When we organize and classify humans, though, we often see our ugly side. Using Huckleberry Finn and his journey as a jumping off point, we will explore the darkness at the bottom of our need to classify.

August 9 — Richard Waring

Poetry in Medicine

For millennia poets have described the ailments of body and soul. With hope, heartbreak, and unexpected humor, this service will provide unique perspectives and new revelations about how poetry complements medicine through its essential capacity to heal.

August 16 — Katharine Canfield

What’s on your Spiritual Bucket List?

Has “someday” become your usual response to the nagging sense that you could be more actively nurturing your spirit? Is there a spiritual practice you’ve been meaning to take up yet just can’t get to? This interactive service will provide a chance to look at our spirit’s yearnings, consider what’s getting in the way, and if this is the time to make some shifts. If you don’t have a spiritual “someday” or if your bucket is full, please join us and share your experiences.

August 23 — Stefan Frank

The Power of Our Brain and How it Makes Equality Difficult

An introduction into the workings of our brain – and why the same principles that make us enjoy music, philosophy and many beautiful aspects of our advanced life are in our way when it comes to racism, gender equality and other injustices. Understanding this connection does not only help us to understand why sometimes doing the right thing feels like fighting against an instinct and why true equality is inherently different.

August 30 — Edwin Taylor and Doris Hunter

Worth and Dignity

Our first affirmation as Unitarian-Universalists is the worth and dignity of every person. What criteria help us to understand the meaning of worth and dignity? Must we like and accept everyone? Politicians whose policies we believe to be damaging? Stalin and Hitler? Ourselves? May we treat people by category: handicapped? homosexuals? rich? racial? When we eliminate these distinctions from our lives, do we become mushy and ineffective?

September 6 — Eva Patalas and Ariane Frank

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made – The Spirituality of Knitting

Slowly, with respect, intention and attention, a simple strand of yarn grows into a beautiful fabric. This service will explore the power of knitting as a companion to contemplation and a means by which we entangle the threads of community.

More information on creating a lay-led service can be found in this guide.  To inquire, please contact Ariane Frank at



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