Sample Blog Post

This is an example blog post. You can start blogging and your post will appear here.  We can remove this sample whenever you are ready to start filling this space with your own highly entertaining and relevant musings.

When you are ready to start blogging, do the following.  

  1. Let me know you are ready to get started so that I can send you your password.
  2. Log into the wordpress admin dashboard:
  3. The first time you log in, please go to your profile page and change your password to something super-secret. (Note wordpress-hacking is apparently rampant, and we were hit earlier this year.)
  4. Click on “New Post” in the black menu that is along the left side bar of the WordPress Dashboard.
  5. Enter the text that you would like to appear in your post
  6. Upload an image if you would like. You can drag it around, resize it, and play with left and right alignment by clicking on the little icons that appear when you hover over your image.
  7. Select the Category, by finding the category “Blogs” and checking your name.
  8. You can click Preview if you want to see it, before publishing.  It won’t appear on your blog page in preview mode though. It will popup in another tab where it will be displayed on a page by itself.
  9. When you are reasonably happy with it, click Publish.

Your post will appear here!

Happy blogging.

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