This week at First Church – March 23 – 30

March 23 – 30, 2015

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Facilitator Training and Group Skills

Getting Your Affairs In Order

New UU Class

3 Scientists Predict the Future


Theresa Howe, Tom Neel, Ed Yee, 9:30-11am, Library

The jobseeker buddy group is a support group for people that are looking for a new job or to transition into a different job. We typically go around the room and review the activities from the prior week, provide support and ideas for what could be done in our respective job searches, provide each other with referrals, tips, resume critiques, etc. It is a great way to keep the momentum up during a job search and relate to others in a similar situation.

James Hencke, 8-9 p.m., Library

In meditation practice, we allow ourselves to dwell in the present moment. We find that by developing our awareness and compassion we can open ourselves, relax into situations, and enjoy our life!



Karl Klasson and Anne Stuart
Wednesday, March 25, 7:30pm, Library

The First Church Book Group will discuss James Howard Kuntsler’s dystopian novel World Made by Hand. Kunstler has written nonfiction books describing the potential dire results of climate change and the decline of oil production, and in World Made by Hand he explores the deterioration of civilization that could be brought on by these changes. After roads crumble and other infrastructure is lost, people return to raising their own food, crafting what they need, and depending on horses for transportation.

The Book Group is always open to new members and does not require a commitment to attend future meetings. Please contact Anne Stuart at if you are interested in participating or would like to be on their mailing list.



Melanie Deveikas
7:30pm, Classroom #5

An educational series focusing on life & wellness during and after breast cancer treatment. Each week there will be a wellness education topic for discussion There will also be an opportunity for sharing your breast cancer journey and related concerns through and beyond treatment.

Melanie Deveikas, PT, MHA is a physical therapy graduate of the University of Vermont. With 20 years of clinical experience, Melanie has worked in a variety of clinical settings. In 2011, Melanie was treated for breast cancer. Upon completion of treatment, Melanie developed a strong interest in women’s health, nutrition and spiritual healing. She is passionate about wellness and prevention thus in 2014, Melanie left Spaulding and began working with Wellness Synergy founder, Dr. Elizabeth Frates to create an organization focused on wellness education. Having both personal and professional experience with and treating breast cancer, Melanie recognizes the importance of balance and whole body wellness.

For more information or to sign up please contact Melanie at

Tom Neel and Martha Read
7:30pm, Library

The Wi$dom Path is for adults, and it is about money. Some of our topics will include 1) The Meaning of Money in Our Lives: consider how childhood & family values influence us. 2)What cultural teachings about money do we share, and what is unique to the individual? All are welcome. For more information contact Tom at


Jean O’Farrell
Sundays, March 22, 29
4-5:30pm, Classroom #5

This course is based on Dan Wakefield’s book and course, “Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography.” The willingness to write from the heart will make writers of all participants. That will guide them in the formation of beautiful personal accounts of their journeys that may have been solitary, even secret, but have led them to search for greater meaning in their lives and, ultimately, to make fulfilling connections with others.
No one is pressured into sharing, and everyone is urged into active listening. It is entirely voluntary and what is read and said is confidential to those who are there to listen. It is a fulfilling process to anyone who comes with an open heart and a desire to quiet the mind through writing so that we can give voice to what the heart is trying to say.
All are welcome to attend.

Dorothy Stoneman
7pm, Parish Hall

Please join members of the Social Action Committee, the Belmont Religious Council, Belmont Against Racism, the Belmont police department and graduates of YouthBuild as we continue our discussion about how to end racism in Belmont and in the wider world. This is the fourth post vigil discussion circle and is facilitated by Dorothy Stoneman, founder of YouthBuild USA.



Rev. David Bryce and Lillian Anderson
Tuesdays, March 31 and April 7, 7:30pm, Library

In many types of group situations, especially where people express differing views, good facilitation can make a difference in the success of the experience for everyone. Perhaps you have been eager to try to facilitate a group or lead a project but don’t feel you have the necessary skills. This two part workshop will examine aspects of facilitation, how facilitation is different in a church setting, as well as how to participate and communicate effectively in a group. We will also identify problems that occur in group situations and discover effective ways to handle them.


Neil Winston
Thursday, April 9, 7:30pm, Library

Are you and those you love adequately prepared for medical crises and increasing care needs? Please join First Church member Neal Winston as he discusses estate and asset protection planning, public benefits protections and what legal documents each of us needs to have in place.


Rev. David Bryce and Jim Staton
Saturday, April 11, 9am – 12pm, Classroom #5

This class will provide answers to all of the questions you have about Unitarian-Universalism (the history and current programs); also the history and current activities of First Church. Discuss the meaning of membership at First Church and have a tour of the building.

Childcare provided upon request. Contact


Jessica Hicks
Saturday, April 11, May 2, 1-2:30 pm, Parish Hall

Mindful yoga for adults of all ages, abilities, and experience levels. Jess is a registered yoga instructor with a lifetime of practice to share. Just bring a mat, or a twin-sized blanket, and a curious mind. Drop-in.


Jack Dennis, Jon Graves and Edwin Taylor
Sunday, April 12, 12:30pm, Library

People who predict the distant future have a bad record. H. G. Wells expected that television would appear in the twenty-third century. Who would have predicted that by 2014 a young couple could eliminate more than 500 genetic diseases forever from their children’s bloodlines? Jack Dennis (a computer specialist), Jon Graves (a molecular biologist), and Edwin Taylor will make modest predictions about developments in the next five years and join you in thinking about the coming decade. Refreshments served.


Lillian Anderson
Adult Programs Coordinator

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