This week at First Church – January 26 – February 1

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January 26- February 1, 2015
New programs!

Writing Memoir
CPR/AED Training
3 Scientists Predict the Future


Theresa Howe, Tom Neel, Ed Yee, 9:30-11am, Library

The jobseeker buddy group is a support group for people that are looking for a new job or to transition into a different job. We typically go around the room and review the activities from the prior week, provide support and ideas for what could be done in our respective job searches, provide each other with referrals, tips, resume critiques, etc. It is a great way to keep the momentum up during a job search and relate to others in a similar situation.

James Hencke, 8-9 p.m., Library

In meditation practice, we allow ourselves to dwell in the present moment. We find that by developing our awareness and compassion we can open ourselves, relax into situations, and enjoy our life!


Melanie Deveikas
Tuesdays, Jan. 13, 27, Feb. 10, 24
7:30pm, Library

An educational series focusing on life & wellness during and after breast cancer treatment. Each week there will be a wellness education topic for discussion There will also be an opportunity for sharing your breast cancer journey and related concerns through and beyond treatment.

Melanie Deveikas, PT, MHA is a physical therapy graduate of the University of Vermont. With 20 years of clinical experience, Melanie has worked in a variety of clinical settings. In 2011, Melanie was treated for breast cancer. Upon completion of treatment, Melanie developed a strong interest in women’s health, nutrition and spiritual healing. She is passionate about wellness and prevention thus in 2014, Melanie left Spaulding and began working with Wellness Synergy founder, Dr. Elizabeth Frates to create an organization focused on wellness education. Having both personal and professional experience with and treating breast cancer, Melanie recognizes the importance of balance and whole body wellness.

For more information or to sign up please contact Melanie at


Karl Klasson and Anne Stuart
7:30pm, Library

The First Church Book Group will meet to discuss
Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson.

The New Yorker called Out Stealing Horses a quiet but compelling novel,” observing that Petterson’s “spare and deliberate prose has astonishing force.” Trond Sander, a widower in his sixties, is seeking solitude in a rustic cabin in a remote section of Norway when he finds instead the brother of his childhood friend. This encounter causes him to confront memories of the turbulent summer of 1948, the connections between the two families, and how the ramifications of the events of that summer rippled throughout his life and important relationships.

The Book Group is always open to new members and does not require a commitment to attend future meetings. Please contact Anne Stuart at if you are interested in participating.



Tom Neel and Martha Read

Thursday, January 29, 7:30pm, Library
Thursday, Feb. 26, 7:30pm, Library
Thursday, March 26, 7:30pm, Library

This program is part of the Tapestry of Faith Lifespan Curriculum from the UUA. Members of First Church are familiar with OWL: Our Whole Lives, the program for teens about sexuality.
The Wi$dom Path is for adults, and it is about money.
Three sessions will include 1) Talking About Money: to lay the groundwork to begin talking about the role of money in our lives and its connection to our well-being; 2) The Meaning of Money in Our Lives: consider how childhood & family values influence us. 3) What cultural teachings about money do we share, and what is unique to the individual?


A Path Appears – PBS Film Series
Thursday, January 29, 7-9 pm – Part One
St. Joseph Church, 130 Common St., Belmont
Moderated by Jeff Shea – Belmont HS teacher and
2015 Massachusetts Teacher of the Year

based on the book A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn

This film series features Boston’s own My Life My Choice.
Each episode explores tough issues facing women and girls around the world. It shows us the harsh realities of sex trafficking, gender-based violence, slave labor, and lack of access to education, resources, and opportunities.

We will meet women who have survived addiction and abuse. Learn about their work and dreams, what they’ve endured and what they have accomplished. Innovative programs that have evolved to achieve remarkable results in empowering their lives are highlighted.

Parental discretion advised.

This is one of several events supported by A Path Appears in Belmont, culminating in a talk by Nicholas Kristof on April 16th at Chenery Middle School 7:30 pm
Part Two: February 5
First Church 404 Concord Ave 7 P.M.

Moderated by Anne Donohue, Associate Professor of Journalism, BU

Part Three: February 12th Temple Beth El 2 Concord Avenue 7 P.M.

more information:
Facebook: apathappearsinbelmont



Jessica Hicks
Saturdays, Jan. 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
10:30-12 noon; Parish Hall

Slow flow, mindful yoga for adults of all ages, abilities, and experience levels*. Come experience embodied awareness in motion while stretching and strengthening your body in a supportive community. Jess is a registered yoga instructor with a lifetime of practice and a love of both the movement and still aspects of yoga practice to share.
Jess and her family joined the First Church community last year, and she is thrilled to give back to our community by offering these classes for free. Just bring a mat, a twin-sized blanket if you have one, and a curious mind. *Jess can help you modify all of the movements even if you are practicing in a chair rather than on the floor, and chairs also can be used for support in standing postures for those with limited balance or lower body strength. It really is for every body! Drop-in. To be continued if there is interest. For more information contact


Richard Waring and Kristin Phillips
Sunday, February 1, 12:30pm, Library

The Greek word for butterfly is “psyche,” which translates as “soul.” Many Mexicans see the returning monarchs as the souls of the dead. Join us for a photo tour of monarch butterflies at their overwintering habitat in the mountains of Mexico. Learn about this longest insect migration on earth and the perils this resilient species faces due to global climate change, logging, and pesticides.
Refreshments served.


Peter Guthrie
Sundays, Jan. 11, 18, 25 and Feb. 1; 3-4pm; Parlor

Robert Frost once defined a poem as a “momentary stay against confusion.” Good poems can help us see ourselves and our lives more clearly, trigger moments of epiphany, and cut through the confusion of life to what truly matters. We will read and discuss poems that deal with spiritual issues in the broadest sense of the term.


Miriam Baker and Deborah Blumberg
Thursday, Feb. 5, 7:30pm, conference room

Many people are juggling jobs, families and their parents’ or other family members’ increasing medical needs, frequent emergencies and ongoing need for care. How do we cope with the needs of our loved ones and find some balance in our own lives? What do we need to learn as we take on this task? How do we find information and community? If you find yourself in this position, you are welcome at this group for discussion and support. This is a drop-in group so please attend when it is convenient for you.


Eva Patalas
Thursday, Feb. 5, 8:00pm, classroom #4

Come join us in the fun and fellowship of knitting with a genial group on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month. Projects could include knitting for non-profit organizations such as Caps for Kids, making small gifts for the Holiday Fair or working on personal projects. Everyone is welcome and no commitment is necessary. Contact Eva with any questions.


Martha Spaulding
Sundays, Feb. 8 – March 1; 4-5:30pm, Cl.#5

This workshop is designed to tap into the stories your memory holds. We will write on a wide variety of subjects and share aloud with no feedback. Bring a notebook and writing implements that appeal to you. Limited to 12 participants.
Please register with Martha Spaulding at


Rev. Rosemary Lloyd
Tuesday, February 10, 7:30pm, Library

How we die is part of our legacy to our loved ones and our communities. The Conversation Project is dedicated to supporting congregation members in having crucial conversations about the
kind of care they would want through the end of life. This 2-part workshop begins with identifying the concerns and values that will ground and guide decision making and includes practice in how to begin The Conversation with a loved one.

In part two, participants will share the experience of starting The Conversation and consider the next steps they need to take to insure that their wishes will be respected. For more information contact or visit the website:
Part II will take place on Tuesday, February 10th.


Maureen Zuccaro
Thursday, February 12, 7-9pm, Upper Hall
(snow date, Feb. 14, 3-5pm)

First church has arranged to have Maureen Zuccaro, a certified American Heart Association (AHA) CPR trainer return to provide certification or re-certification in CPR and the use of the AED machine for those who would like to participate. The Heartsaver AED course is designed for Lay Rescuers by the AHA. It includes Adult child and infant CPR/AED and choking using individual mannequins with plastic barrier protection. The cost is $40 per person.

Registration is required and space is limited to 10 people. if you are interested please contact Lillian at


Jack Dennis, Jon Graves, Edwin Taylor
Sunday, February 15, 12:30pm, Library

People who predict the distant future have a bad record. H. G. Wells expected that television would appear in the twenty-third century. Who would have predicted that by 2014 a young couple could eliminate more than 500 genetic diseases forever from their children’s bloodlines? Jack Dennis (a computer specialist), Jon Graves (a molecular biologist), and Edwin Taylor will make modest predictions about developments in the next five years and join you in thinking about the coming decade.

Refreshments served.


Lillian Anderson
Adult Programs Coordinator

617-484-1054 Ext. 207

FCB Website:
Adult Programs Brochure: Winter 2015

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