"Universalism – There Is No Hell"

Doris Hunter and Edwin Taylor
Sunday, Oct. 5, 12:30-2pm, Library


We are Unitarian-Universalists. Traditionally Universalists believe that everyone is saved, because God has the time, the power, and the loving spirit. So what is the moral demand placed on us when we come from a tradition that believes love is more powerful than hate?  Is that why we are Unitarian Universalists?


When you get to Heaven, as Universalism predicts you will, you can hobnob with St. Francis and Michelangelo.
Do you expect to see Hitler there?   The murderous Joseph Stalin?



Hosea Ballou, the greatest theologian of Universalism movement, believed that we receive just reward for virtue and just punishment for sin during our life on earth, not in the afterlife.
On the dissolution of the body and carnal mind at death, the soul immediately is transformed by the overwhelming power of God’s love and is ushered into the heavenly state.

Do traces of this belief still live in our First Principle: The worth and dignity of every person?

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