2014 Slates Elected

The following Slates were elected 18 May 2014 at the Annual Meeting:

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The Parish Board for the 2014-15 Church Year

Officers elected:

President:  Carolyn Howard

Vice President:  Todd Schatzki

Treasurer:  Penny Schafer

Clerk:  Anne Donohue

At-Large Trustees elected:

Tom Neel (2014-2017)

Peter Guthrie  (2014-2017)

Sara Oaklander (2014-2017)

Continuing At-Large Trustees:

Doug Burden (2012-2015)

Catherine Claypoole (2013-2016)

Betsy George (2013-2016)

Jack Weis (2013-2016)

Immediate Past President:

Jeanne Widmer (2014-2015)


The Finance Committee for the 2014-15 Church Year

Scott Johnson, Chair

Bob McGaw (2012-2015)

Martha Gallagher (2012-2015)

Charlie Hamann (2013-2016)

Jonathan Wolf (2014-2017)

Ex-Officio Members of the Finance Committee:

Carolyn Howard, nominee for Parish Board President

Penny Schafer, nominee for Parish Board Treasurer


The Nominating Committee for the 2014-2015 Church Year

Connie DiCocco, Chair (2012-2015)

Bev Gillette (2013-2016)

Sam James (2013-2016)

Carey Thomson (2013-2016)

Kate Searle (2014-2017)

Eva Patalas (2014-2017)





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