Picturing Our Church Community: 2014 Photo Directory Information:

Life Touch Photography will take portraits for our 2014 directory during Thursday to Saturday periods of January in the church library. This is a wonderful opportunity to acquire professional photos of either a formal or more spontaneous nature, and every person/family who attends a photo session receives a free directory and 8 x 10 portrait. So, bring your musical instruments, hobbies, or pets for unique individual or family images. Click https://www.securedata-trans14.com/ap/firstchurch1/index.php?page=10 to self-schedule (or later change) your portrait session. In the coming weeks, you can also schedule at the photo table during coffee hour.


Our church directory is an essential tool for communications and community building, so we ask everyone to make a photo appointment right away. Special offers: members age 60+ receive 20% discounts; those who furnish a phone number when scheduling on the website  (used for reminder calls) receive $10 off; and those who bring a food item(s) for The Grow Clinic to their session receive another $5 off their purchase. Remember that you will receive a free directory and 8 x 10 if you sit for a photo, and you will reduce our workload if you schedule now. Its so easy!


From the Directory Coordinators: Eleanor Sugarman questions: (617-489-2747; esugarman@uubelmont.org), Jim Staton (jstaton@uubelmont.org), and Alice Trexler (atrexler@uubelmont.org)

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