SAC invites you to: The Forgotten Americans: Reversing Health Disparities Within Native American Communities. A presentation by Miles Cunningham MD. Ph.D

  • Did you know that the highest rate of suicide in the US is within the Native American Population?
  • Did you know that the rate of tuberculosis is 630% higher in indian communities?

Health care on many reservations is at nearly third world levels, and there are remarkably few Native Americans in the healthcare field to serve their own communities. The non-profit Asniya was founded to provide opportunities and hope to the children living in Native American communities because Asniya believes that these children can provide a brighter future.

Miles Cunningham earned his MD from Harvard Medical School and his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he studied the potential for custom-engineered neural cells to repair trauma and disease in the brain and spinal cord. He completed his residency at the Massachusetts General and McLean hospitals. He supervises medical students, residents, and fellows in behavioral neurology.

Asniya  was founded to provide opportunites and hope to the children living in these communities. Asniya recruits medical students as Asniya “interns”, and sends them to reservation schools to teach kids about medicine. The interns stay for about a month and immerse themselves in the native environment, teaching within the childrens’ culture – and on their terms. The interns share their experiences in medicine and give dynamic, interactive presentations ranging from thoracic and abdominal surgery to depression and psychosis, to prenatal care and childbirth. The kids learn about medicine on two levels: a practical one (that is, how to provide first aid, perform CPR and the Heimlich maneuver, and live healthy lives) and also a more abstract one – that it is possible to pursue a career in health care and empower themselves, their families, and their communities.

Come and hear how you can help Dr. Cunningham’s work with Native American communities


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