Annual Meeting Call & Slates of Nominees

A Call to the Annual Meeting

at The First Church in Belmont

Sunday, May 19, 2013, 5:00pm 

“Pursuant to a call by Jonathan Wolf, President of the Parish Board, you are hereby notified that the Annual Meeting of The First Church in Belmont, Unitarian Universalist will be held on Sunday, May 19, 2013 at 5:00 PM in the Parish Hall for the election of officers, status of next year’s budget, committee highlights, and the transaction of such other businesses as may lawfully come before the meeting.
Hereof, fail not, and make due attendance at said meeting and time.” – Eva Patalas, Clerk
Only active adult members, who have had standing as such for not less than seven days prior to the meeting, may vote. No proxies will be accepted: you must attend the meeting in order to vote.
Nominations for Parish Board for the 2013-14 Church Year
Officers to be elected:
President: Jeanne Widmer
Vice President: Carolyn Howard
Treasurer: Marilyn Yee
Clerk: Ann Donohue
At-Large Trustees to be elected:
Catherine Claypoole (2013-2016)
Betsy George (2013-2016)
Jack Weis (2013-2016)
Continuing At-Large Trustees to be elected:
Leslie Kolterman (2011-2014)
Beth Westlund  (2011-2014)
Martha Spaulding (2012-2014)
Doug Burden (2012-2015)
Past President:
Jonathan Wolf (2013-2014)
Nominations for the Finance Committee for 2013/2014 Church Year
Scott Johnson, chair
Charlie Hamann – three year at-large member
Martha Read – one year at-large member
Bob McGaw – two year at-large member
Martha Gallagher – two year at-large member
Liz Keating – two year at-large member
Ex-Officio Members of the Finance Committee:
Jeanne Widmer, nominee for Parish Board President
Marilyn Yee, nominee for Parish Board Treasurer
Nominations for the Nominating Committee for 2013/2014 Church Year
James Hencke, chair
Connie DiCocco
Susan Johnson
Carey Thomson
Sam James
Bev Gillette
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