This week at The First Church – March 18-24

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Meditation – Rob Cosinuke and James Hencke, 8-9 pm,Church Library

Jobseekers Buddy Group – 4-5:30pm, Library

The Quilters’ Group and Knitting Circle – Gladys Unger and Eva
Patalas, 7:30 pm,   RE Classroom #4

Science and Spirituality
Thursday, Mar. 21, 7:30pm, Conference Room
We are an interchurch group engaged in exchanging thoughts on ideas in
science and their influence on our spiritual lives. Each meeting is
(usually) independent of previous meetings; therefore, one may join
the group at any time without experiencing loss of continuity.
Readings may be downloaded from the dropsite
ten days to two weeks before each meeting. For more information
contact Edwin.

Women’s Spring Potluck Supper  7pm, Upper Hall
Please join the women of First Church to share food, drink, stories
and laughter. Bring food (appetizer,  main dish, salad, or dessert)
to share as well as a bottle of wine or the beverage of your choice.
Sign up by contacting
Child care is available on request.

Women’s Retreat – April 26-28
This weekend retreat is a wonderful way to connect, make new friends
and deepen existing friendships. Senexet House in Woodstock, Ct. is a
90 minute drive.  Two nights and five delicious meals are provided
for $185.  Scholarship assistance is available.  Registration forms are
at available on the web-site and the registration deadline is March 22.

Coming Up:
Wednesday, March 27, 7:30pm, Library
First Church Book Group

Emergence by Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin’s brief, first book tells the story of how she overcame
the challenges of autism. In Emergence, Grandin details her early
struggles at home and in school, as an intelligent and curious child
who was unable to express herself or behave according to the
expectations around her.  With perseverance and courage, Grandin has
gone on to great professional success in the animal welfare movement
and as an autism advocate. She has also written a number of critically
acclaimed books and become the subject of an award-winning semi-
autobiographical movie (starring Claire Danes).  You will find that
Emergence is a quick read; please come join us and talk about this
fascinating woman.
The Book Group is always open to new members. Please contact Anne
Stuart at: to confirm attendance if you are
interested in participating. .

Thursday, Mar. 28, 7:30pm, Library
Grandparenting – Near and Far

This new group will share the challenges of being a grandparent, both
at a distance and close by.  Bring pictures to share.  For more
information contact

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