Parish Board At-Large Member

Candidates are being considered for Parish Board At-Large Member / Trustee for the 2013 / 2014 Church Year. Deadline Monday, March 25th.


The Nominating and Recruitment (N&R) Committee is charged with proposing a slate of candidates to serve on the Parish Board.  (Please note that the church by-laws also provide a way for church members to be nominated independently from the slate prepared by the N&R committee.)  This slate will then be presented to and voted on by the congregation at the Annual Meeting in May.  We are currently engaged in the process of identifying prospective candidates.  In order to make the nomination process as open and inclusive as possible, we invite members of the congregation to recommend candidates to us.  You are welcome to recommend yourself or someone else within the congregation whom you think we should consider.

As the senior governing body of the church, the Parish Board oversees a broad range of church programs and administrative functions.  Members of the Parish Board are required to be official members of the church and are expected to serve a 3-year term.  This year, we also need an additional person to serve a 2-year term.  Candidates with a demonstrated commitment to the church and a familiarity with a broad range of church issues, as reflected by prior service on one or more programmatic and administrative church committees, are strongly preferred.  A more complete position description will be posted on the church bulletin board and on the First Church website.

Congregation members interested in suggesting prospective candidates are encouraged to submit their recommendations to the N&R committee via the current chair, Jody Judge  or contact the church office. Please accompany your recommendation with a brief statement explaining why you are recommending that particular person.  Please submit recommendations as soon as possible but no later than Monday, March 25.  We look forward to receiving your suggestions.

N&R Committee:  Karl Klasson, James Hencke, Carolyn Howard, Susan Johnson, Connie DiCocco, and Jody Judge, Chair.

Position Description

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