This week at The First Church – December 10-16

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Meditation – Rob Cosinuke, Mondays, 8-9 pm,Church Library

*Tuesday *
The Quilters’ Group and Knitting Circle – Gladys Unger and Eva
Patalas, 7:30 pm, RE Class #4

4-6pm Jobseeker Buddy Group, Library
Bring your favorite beverage

7:00pm, Library
Living with Serious Illness
Nanny Almquist and Kathy Lind
How to get through the holidays. The holidays are a stressful and
emotional time for all of us,
but the special circumstances of an ongoing serious illness or a newly
diagnosed condition make it even harder.  Whether you are a caretaker or living with
serious illness we welcome all to participate.

12:30-2pm, Library
Chalice Circle
Topic: Winter-Dark and Light facilitated by Lillian Anderson
Share your own experiences of the power of winter using the format of
small group ministry which encourages active listening.  Bagels provided.

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