This week at The First Church – December 3-9

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Meditation – Rob Cosinuke, Mondays, 8-9 pm,Church Library
*Tuesday *
The Quilters’ Group and Knitting Circle – Gladys Unger and Eva
Patalas, 7:30 pm, RE Class #4
Dec. 5, 7:30pm, Parish Hall
Our Christmas Major Music presentation this year on Dec. 9th will be
the Bach Cantata  No.63.  Our soprano soloist Shannon Rose MaCauliffe
and Asst. Music Director Ian Garvie have graciously offered to
present an evening lecture, with musical excerpts,  about the history,
style and liturgical significance of this beloved major work for chorus and
orchestra.  Attend this lecture and enhance your appreciation of this
splendid music.

Jobseeker Buddy Group, 4-6pm, Library
Bring your favorite beverage

Caring for Older Adults   7:30pm, conference room
Deborah Blumberg and Miriam Baker

Many people are juggling jobs, families and their parents’ or other
family members’ increasing medical needs, frequent emergencies and
ongoing need for care. How do we cope with the needs of our loved ones
and find some balance in our own lives? What do we need to learn as we
take on this task? How do we find information and community? If you
find yourself in this position, you are welcome at this group for
discussion and support.

Coming Up: 
Thursday, Dec. 13, 7pm, Library
Living with Serious Illness 
Nanny Almquist and Kathy Lind
How to get through the holidays.
Whether you are a caretaker or living with serious illness we welcome
all to participate.

Sunday, Dec. 16, 12:30-2pm, Library
Chalice Circle 
Topic: Winter-Dark and Light facilitated by Lillian Anderson

Bagels provided

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