This week at The First Church – November 5-11

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Meditation – Rob Cosinuke, Mondays, 8-9 pm,Church Library

*Tuesday *
The Quilters’ Group and Knitting Circle – Gladys Unger and Eva
Patalas, Tuesday nights at 7:30 pm, RE Class #3

Jobseekers Buddy Group – Wednesdays 9-11am, Library
(bring your own favorite morning beverage)

Coming Up:

Thursday, Nov. 15th, 7:30pm, Conference Room

Science and Spirituality

We are an interchurch group engaged in exchanging thoughts on ideas in science and their influence on our spiritual lives. Each meeting is (usually) independent of previous meetings; therefore, one may join the group at any time without experiencing loss of continuity. Readings may be downloaded from the dropsite ten days to two weeks before each meeting. For more information contact Edwin at or contact Ken at
Thursday, Nov. 15th, 7:30pm, cl#5
Women’s Retreat Planning
The Women’s Retreat has been a First Church tradition for a number of
years.  Anyone interested in helping to create this year’s women’s
retreat is invited to participate.  Please contact Lillian Anderson at for more information.

Thursday, Nov. 15th 7pm, cl #7
Living with Serious Illness Support Group
Nanny Almquist and Kathy Lind, co-facilitators

The First Church Living with Serious Illness Support Group is open to
people in all stages of discovery and recovery, along with their
partners and caregivers. Group will begin together and then split into
caregiver and patient groups.

Sunday, Nov. 18th, 12:30-2pm, Library
Chalice Circle
Topic: Gratitude facilitated by Martha Read
This single session Small Group Ministry format will encourage
personal sharing and active listening. Bagels provided.

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