Lay Pastoral Care Training



Lay Pastoral Care Training will take place on two Saturdays, November 3 and December 1 in classroom #5.  It will run from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm.  This is a two session program.

We will use a mix of didactic and experiential work; the latter being primarily (but not only) role plays.   Rev. David Bryce and Bruce Dame will co-lead the training.

The training covers basic listening skills and will also cover topics such as “What is the nature of suffering?”,  and “How do I help someone whose theology is different from mine?”.

In addition, we will discuss the limits of confidentiality and issues of abuse.

All are welcome to attend, including those who do not wish to be Lay Pastoral Care Team members.

Completion of the training is not an automatic  guarantee of becoming a member of the LPC Team.  Following training there will be individual interviews for those interested in becoming a team member.

Please notify Lillian Anderson at of your interest in attending the program.


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