UU Singles This Week

Last Night two members of our UUSingles group, Margaret M. and Joyce B., proved to be the best wine connoisseurs at the Wine Tasting event, both winning the wine quality recognition contest. There was a good variety of wines and people,

We stayed until a little past nine and then went to The Arlington Armenian Church for some dancing to the beat of a fabulous band. For those of you not be interested in dancing, please consider joining us next time – just listening to the band is so entertaining!

There were over 100 people, and the main rule is: Always keep a smile on your face. Those of us who have not taken any formal dancing lessons, were welcomed by experienced dancers who taught us some basic steps while we moved to the beat of the music. These events are open to all ages – and they mean it! I personally danced with partners from age 21 to 82. Everybody was having fun!

First Church Belmont Fellowship committee, the organizers of the Wine Tasting event, were happy to see our singles joining their event, and willing to do some dancing, so we partnered to organize a dance at our church, following one of our UUSingles potluck dinners… we are thinking about bringing a salsa dancing instructor and DJ to First Church Belmont, on the fourth Saturday of July.

Upcoming events:

May 15 – We are going to a Cannons LaCross game

May 22 – Our monthly social gathering – wine, appetizers, and games.

For more information about UUSingles Group go to uusinglesblogspot.com

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