2010 Stewardship

What is the 2010 Stewardship Campaign?

This is the annual campaign to raise the funds required for the continued operation of First Church. During this time, members and friends of First Church pledge the money that will be used to pay minister and staff salaries, to support the many wonderful programs of the church, for the maintenance and utilities for the physical building, etc. The amounts pledged are for our next fiscal year which runs from July 2010-June 2011.

What is the deadline for the Stewardship Campaign?

We ask that you return your pledge card by March 15th. This will allow us to develop the final budget and present it to the congregation at the Annual Meeting. We will not be able to finalize the budget until all the pledges are in. If there is a shortfall in revenue, we will need to make adjustments to the proposed expenses.

If you attended the Annual Meeting last year, you may recall that we could not vote on the final budget for 2009 because some members had not yet made their pledge. We do not want to repeat the drawn out budget process this year.

How should I make my pledge?

1. Complete your pledge card and bring it to church or drop it in the mail. If you did not receive a packet, just contact Susan Street at 617-484-1054, x201 and one will be sent to you.

2. Pledge by e-mail. Send an email to sstreet@uubelmont.org. State the amount you wish to pledge and include your complete name and phone number.

3. Pledge on-line. Click here to complete the on-line form.

How Should I pay my pledge?

You may write a monthly, quarterly, or annual check. You may also arrange to have monthly payments made automatically. In fact, paying your pledge monthly would benefit the church by giving us a steady stream of income. Most banks will allow you to set this up at no charge to you.

If your bank does not offer this feature, we have made arrangements with a company called Vanco Services. Print out the Authorization Form below and return it to the church office. Complete instructions are on the form.